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Convert palm (U.S.) to point (TeX)
Selected category: length.
Definition and details for palm (U.S.):
Palm (U.S.) is a traditional unit of length equal to the length of a person's hand, from wrist to the end of the middle finger. This kind of palm definition was common in the U.S. during 19th century. One palm was equal to 9 inches or 22.86cm and it was comparable to span.
Definition and details for point (TeX):
TeX point (pt) is a unit of length used in the TeX computer typesetting system by Donald Knuth. It is based on the "Johnson pica" which was adopted as the official standard in 1986 by the Fifteenth Meeting of the Type Founders Association of the United States. TeX point is about 351.5 micrometers. Today it's been replaced by the current computer based DTP point system.

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