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Conversion Center

Frequently asked questions :

Q: How Conversion Center works?
   i) Go to home page and select category.
   ii) Select initial unit ("from" unit).
   iii) Select destination unit ("to"unit) and fill the value of the initial unit.
   iv) Press "Convert" button
   Bookmark convert pages you need, for instant access in the future.

Q: Can i use real numbers as input unit values instead of integers?
A: Yes, just use '.' instead of ',' as decimal separator.
For example write 1.5 instead of 1,5.

Q: Can i use exponential notation?
A: Yes, the exponential notation lets you move decimal point in a number.
By using this notation you can get rid of zeros and simplify numbers.
So instead of 5000 (5*103) you can write 5E3.
Same thing for values like 0.007 (7*10-3). Just write 7E-3.

Q: Can i have instant access to my favorite converter?
A: Yes, just bookmark your favorite conversion form.
Ex : If you want to convert kilometers to meters then bookmark the link :

Q: What "share" button do?
A: Share button lets you share each link of our web site at social networks or at public bookmark services. For example if you are registered at by clicking on the delicious image you can share the link (ex. a custom conversion) with your friends. Share button also allows you to email, bookmark and print each page of our web site.

Q: How often, currencies and other market quotes are updated?
A: All of them are updated once a day, every day around the 11:00 am MST (18:00 pm UTC).
The aim of conversion center is to offer a rough estimation, so this web site does not offer real time currency conversions.

Q: Where did you get currencies and other market quotes prices?
A: We use :
For currency data : For precious metal data : For oil quotes : Q: When was the last update for currencies and other market quotes?
A: "Last DB update" is located at the bottom of the site and shows exactly when our database was last updated. So the same string also shows when all currencies were updated.

Q: Is conversion center accessible?
A: Conversion center is an accessible web site.
It is W3C compatible and contrast between colors is good for people who suffer from Protanopia, Deuteranopia or Tritanope.
With a maximum of four clicks you can reach the desired conversion form. Simple layout of page offer faster speeds too and simplicity for us mean : accessibility, navigability and usability.

Q: What does quick menu do?
A: When you select a category with more than 19 items then you should get quick menu which will help you locate the unit you want to use. For example if you want to convert kilometers to meters hit "K" and you will jump to the kilometer option. In the next page, again with the use of quick menu, by hitting the "M" you will jump to unit names that start with letter M.

Q: Can i search a unit?
A: Yes, just use search box at the top right of each page. Remember that all search results can be bookmarked or shared, using share button. For example if you want to find all the russian units offered from this site, write russian in search box and hit the search button. The same result you can obtain by bookmarking the link :

Q: How can i find a unit, which i don't remember exactly it's name?
A: Lets say you want to find the unit "fahrenheit" but you do not remember it's exact name. By writing "renhe" you will be able to find the match you want within given results.

Q: What is the meaning of site version?
A: First number is theme and model motor version of our website.
Second number is the amount of categories added and the third number is the number of the units already added on the website engine.
For example the site version 6.15.1276 simply means that we have version 6 of the theme, with 15 categories and 1276 units already added.

Q: I still have problems or the conversions are not correct!
A: Use the contact page.

Q: Who is behind
A: Use the following link in order to find more informations about us.